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 Lake Charlene

Board of Directors

President: Bernie Vanosdall                 Vice President: Joe Brewer

2nd Vice President: Jim Donovan                      Secretary: Pattie Curtis

Treasurer:  Steve Erickson


Patio Villa

President: Ray Judd              Vice President: JR Edge

Treasurer: Ray Judd               Secretary: Carolyn Speed

Hospitality:  Paula Judd



President: Dorothy Speight              Vice President:

Treasurer: Dory Walker               Secretary: Faye Westholm





Architecture:...* Phillip McCarty
 ......................................Tom Jones,

Hospitality:.....................*Melanie McCallum

Nuisance and Violations:
                                 Paul Feran (Assistant)


Auditor:............................Ben Campbell

Directory:...............Melanie McCallum or Pattie Curtis

News Letter:.................

*  =  Chair Person



What's on this page?




As part of our community's new security program our manager has suggested  all violations in our community be reported to the police .

March 2013 News Letter




To Be Developed 



Just slow down

Violations of the 15/25 mph speed limit are expensive. You endanger children and walkers by thoughtlessly zooming our streets. We have the "Tag Talk" service and can quickly learn who the speeder is when you have the license plate information. Keep your $50 fine and let us have a safe community. 



Tennis courts

Here is a refresher on how the community tennis courts work. Join us there while the temperature is mild for tennis!



Tennis Courts

The courts are only for residents and their guests. No guest may use the court unless a resident accompanies him/her. The tennis courts are ONLY used to play tennis.

An adult has to accompany children under 16 years of age at the tennis courts. The adult accompanying the children must be 18 years of age or older.


  • · Tennis only

  • · Tennis shoes only

  • · No climbing on the fence

  • · No smoking

  • · No dogs

  • · No bikes

  • · No skate boards

  • · No roller skates

  • · No inline skates

  • · ... just tennis


Please respect our amenities. Due to malicious damage to the tennis nets we have to toughen the rules and enforce the fines to recover repair expenses.




Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval

The ARC is a separate entity from the Board of Directors which is charged by the Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs) with the responsibility for prior approval of design of residences, fences, walls, mailboxes, exterior alterations of any nature, landscaping of new residences, and tree removal.

Your request should be detailed and explicit so the committee can understand what you are seeking. Tree removal requests should include a list of the trees and a drawing showing their locations. All other requests should include a survey of your property with the requested features accurately represented.

               “Request for ARC approval may be submitted in writing or by e-mail ( include appropriate drawings and specifications) to any one of the below Architectural Control Review Committee members.”     Architectural Section of Covenant.

              Phillip McCarty- ph 332-xxxx-

              Tom Jones - xxxx

xxxx =  See Lake Charlene Directory




Sorry, no signs allowed except real estate

Your deed restrictions are very fussy about signs. Nothing is permitted in your yard except real estate for sale or for rent signs. Alarm signs, for example 'Seville Security' are permitted. Security signs act as a deterrent to crime and are not considered advertising. Homes under construction have a variance to permit builder identification, permits, etc.

Many of us came here from neighborhoods without sign restrictions, so the sign policy is a surprise. Since sign restrictions are clear in the legal documents the elected board must enforce the policy.


1.  Yard sale signs for days of sale only are allowed

2.  Political signs are allowed during campaign season.  They are considered as participating in your democratic process as well as a part of your “free speech right”.   These signs are governed by county regulations which state they must be removed within 30 days after the election.    Other than these two exceptions, the covenants apply.

Signs in your yard are not allowed for...

 – Garage sales ***         – Birthdays ***                  – Holidays  ***               – Parties ***

– Meetings ***                – Religious  ***                 – Political ***                 – Business

 – Hobby  ***                – And so forth

 ***   See Exceptions above


Emergency Information
Agency Phone
 · Fire, Sheriff, Ambulance 911
 · Florida Highway Patrol 911
 · Sheriff  (non-Emergency) 436-9630
Sheriff Web page
 · Traffic 436-9628
 · Electric Outages 969-3111, Gulf Power
505-5711 (Power Outages)
Domestic Violence:

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

 · Gas Leaks 474-5300
 · Poison Control (800) 222-1222
 · Animal Control 595-3075
 · Hurricane evacuation (800) 462-9029,
(800) 525-0321
 ·  Hurricane preparation
 · Tips, shelters, news: Escambia County Dept of Public Safety
Local Hospitals
Facility Address
(click for map)
 · Baptist  Hospital 1000 W. Moreno St 434-4011
 · Sacred Heart Hospital 5151 N 9th Ave 416-7000
 · West Florida    Regional Medical Center 8383 N. Davis Hwy 494-4000
 · Naval Hospital   Pensacola 6000 W. Hwy 98 505-7171
Area Phone Numbers
Agency Phone
Military links
Department of Veterans Affairs
News Channel 3
Escambia County Tax Collector
Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)
National Do Not Call Registry
 · Big Lagoon State Park 492-1595
 · Blue Angels Information 458-SHOW
 · Drivers License 438-6500
 · Escambia County Clerk of the Court 595-4310
 · Escambia County School District 432-6121
 · Escambia County Tax Collector 438-6500
 · Gulf Islands National Seashore 492-7278
 · Humane Society 432-4250
 · Library (Southwest Branch) map to the library 453-7780
 · Pensacola News Journal 435-8686
 · Recycling, Solid Waste Management 937-2160
 · U.S. Post Office Perdido Branch 492-1756
 · Vehicle Registration 438-6500
Election/Voting Services
 · Voter Registration 595-3900


Utility Services
Utility Phone/URL (link)
 · Cable 478-0200, Cox Communications
 · Sewer 476-0480 Weekdays
476-5110 Emergencies-Weekends.
 · Electric 969-3111, Gulf Power
505-5711 (Power Outages)
 · Garbage 476-0480, ECUA  Pick up: Wednesday
 · Yard/bulk trash 944-0015, ECUA  Pick up: Wednesday
 · Gas 435-1800, City of Pensacola
 · Sewer 476-0480, ECUA
 · Telephone (888)757-6500, Bell South
 · Water 455-8552, Peoples Water Service
 · Potholes 435-1756